Let this be a lesson. RE scumbags are shit.

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Let this be a lesson. RE scumbags are shit.

Post  Dock end John on Wed Oct 30, 2013 1:06 pm

Junior, Joe, Jack, and all the other glory hunters, let this be a lesson maybe the grass is not so green on the dark side.  To all the good players that have left us over the last two/ three seasons you where loved and appreciated by the few but loyal "DOCKERS". DOCKER9 you did hit the nail on the head well said. He mentioned one of our songs he forgot to mention one of the others  "we  aint got fuck all else we got our own ground"
Along with our ex players you will all be made "WELCOME" at st chads road next Tuesday night. LOYAL LOUD AND PROUD win lose or draw.bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce  P.S this also applys to the other half of our team at Redbridge. bounce bounce bounce
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