Home v Maldon and Tiptree.

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Home v Maldon and Tiptree.

Post  Dock end John on Sun Mar 23, 2014 8:00 am

That's now four games without a goal, and the last three of them games have been at home.  I counted at least three players that were playing out of position yesterday, we all sat in the club after game thinking Paul might spread some light on his  team selection and his tactics, cant tell you what he said no one saw him after the game. Danny came on after about a hour, once again the boy came on when we are one down again, and anyone involved with football could see the improvement in our play, and the fans need a explanation on why he is not starting in games. We do have good enough players, but i think the current coaching team are not using them to the teams best advantage. Jack in my opinion is a very very good old fashioned centre forward, and old fashioned centre forwards need to have the ball played to them, and should not have to keep going looking for it themselves, Jacks not a fast player and he needs to have the ball played to feet to get the best out of him. And he also needs some one along side him with some speed ie Danny Aldwinkle. If any of the coaching staff are reading this, some of the fans that watch Tilbury fc have watched football all over the world and we can see the problem  so please stop tacking us for fucking idiots with your feeble excuses. You (Coaching staff) really need to start to show some improvement on what you are trying to achieve at the club. it does not look very good for any of you at the moment with our current league position and falling gates. The only man worth his salt at the club is the Chairman Danny Nash who is doing a great job improving the facilities with in the club house, and it is much appreciated Dan.   "KEEP THE FAITH"
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